In recent years, the dynamics of competition among higher education institutions in the world are increasing in line with the development of knowledge-based economy. Developing countries, particularly in Asia, are highlighting the importance of the performance of their higher education institutions in the international arena. The increasing awareness of developing countries on the achievements of higher education institutions in the international arena is triggered by the ranking of universities internationally which is often used as an indicator that is widely adopted by the international community to assess the performance of a country and is often a significant point in determining the international policy to the concerned state.

In response to the dynamics development of knowledge-based economy and the university’s ranking system among the international community, higher education institutions need more insight to improve their performance in upgrading their institutions to be ranked high. UniversitasBrawijaya, with its innumerable achievements, has positioned itself in the top five best universities in Indonesia (Ranking Web of Universities, 2017). In accepting the above challenges and discourses, UniversitasBrawijaya, which is built by a vision as an excellent international standard university and able to play an active role in nation building through educational, research and community service process, has arranged stages to prepare its academic community, Departments and faculty to achieve competitiveness at the Asian and international levels.

In 2017 Brawijaya University initiated to facilitate academics experts, government policymakers, executives, NGO activists, staff in media and all related parties to discuss more about the international competitiveness of higher education institutions in Indonesia because of the importance of the role of higher educational institutions in producing cutting-edge research, well educated and well trained human resources, and the application of science for the benefit of the wider community. This is done by organizing international seminars.